Want to Build a Quantum Computer? Here’s a Blueprint

IN BRIEF While quantum computers won’t be found on your office desk anytime soon, these blueprints could, over time, make quantum computing much more accessible Soon, with companies like D-Wave continually improving quantum computing through user input, advancements could come sooner than expected A UNIVERSAL QUANTUM COMPUTER There are only a few quantum computers currently […]

Future Intelligence: Will A.I. Be A Friend or Potential Enemy?

IN BRIEF Robots and artificial intelligence are excellent fodder for science-fiction writers but seldom do they get them right. Human fears about AI come from a misunderstanding of what they do and how they manage to do it. AI: ARTIFICIAL IMITATION Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enjoying one of its periodic moments in the limelight. Why […]

World’s Top Experts Have Created a “Law of Robotics”

IN BRIEF Starting with the Turing test in 1950, AI has advanced rapidly and changed dramatically over the years, currently residing as a leading field for cutting edge research Many think that AI will bring with it science fiction style destruction, but if monitored and regulated correctly, it could create incredible, positive change GEARING UP […]

Is AI driving humanity towards socialism?

Every Artificial Intelligence researcher has probably a vision of how intelligent machines will reshape the world. My idealistic view is one in which automation maximizes people’s freedom by giving us more time to concentrate on the things we enjoy the most. Research in all areas is astonishing: we live better and longer, and our planet […]

Do we really need to “talk” to machines?

“We treat computers like indentured servitude right now, and we need to actually take them as pieces of society and treat them that way.” (Richard Sutton) Two years ago I wrote a blog post titled “talking to software”. The idea of “conversational commerce” was getting increasingly popular and more and more people were looking at it […]